Our aquatic section holds a large selection of cold water and tropical fish. We are always competitively priced on aquariums and cabinets and have a large choice with all the accessories to go in your aquarium. You will be spoilt for choice on decor for your aquarium from gravel to ornaments.

In our Pond section we have all pond pumps on show for you to see and helpful staff to work out for you what pump is suitable for the size of your pool. Pond liner is available, cut to size or pre cut. We have everything you need to keep your pond water clear and blanket weed free. From March to September we offer a selection of quality pond fish in all different sizes.

  • Coldwater and tropical fish 
  • Pond fish in all different sizes available in pond season
  • Live aquatic plants
  • Massive choice of aquariums
  • Gravel in a large array of colours
  • Water tests available

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Instore offers

aquarium subfin


Marina Surf & Marina Seahorse aquariums


pond minipump

Pond pumps

Blagdon Pond Pump

From £10.99

affinity new2

Affinity Pond

Different models in store

RRP £419.99


roma 2

Fluval roma

Roma 240 Tank & Stand

MRP £624.98


juwel 600

Juwel rekord 600

Fish Tank ( Stand sold separately)




Juwel rekord 800

Fish Tank ( Stand sold separately)

MRP £179


hugo tank

Panda Tank 30L

Fish Tank


largeFRF 421A

Pond Sticks 10k

Pond Fish Food



Frozen Tank

Disney Frozen Children Tank

Decor Not Included


Instore offers are subject to availability and may be changed at any time.


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